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Seriously, I got hit with two of these damned things. But, I feel like answering them this time. I'm not gonna tag anyone else though. So...  if you're interested, feel free to try your hand at it. Otherwise, yeah...  this is more an excuse to bump a year old journal entry off my front page than anything else.


Tag #1, from :

1. What is your favorite binding type? (Leather, Rope, etc...):
Steel. Nothing so final as a set of steel shackles locked in place. As a second, leather.

2. What is your favorite fetish?:
Bondage would be the obvious answer, but also the incorrect one. I have a clothing/heels fetish. I find nudity to be, quite honestly, boring. The clothing one wears, and how they wear it, is vastly more important to me.

3. Do you prefer comics or pinups?:
I vastly prefer comics, but I am not very good at them. Hence why I do mostly Pin-ups.

4. Anime or Tokusatsu?:
I don't know what the second one is, so I'll say Anime

5. Are you reading Sunstone? How do you like it?:
Yes I am reading it, and I love it... visually. I find the story to be a bit lagging in spots, especially where it is in the current story arc, but I'll admit that I was never very patient for that sort of drama even in my own life.

6. Maid, Nurse, Schoolgirl, Teacher, Cop? or any other Fetish costume?:
Maids, definitely maids.

7. Straight jackets, Armbinders or good old fashioned rope?:
Amrbinders. Nothing so lovely as a thin leather armbinder pulled so tight the elbows touch and the forearms look like they're molded into one.

8. Leather or Latex?:
Depends on the use. For attire, latex. For restraints, leather.

9. Who is your favorite artist on DA?:
Honestly I can't really limit it to just one, so I'll list three here.
For fetish, definitely Nomad -
For furries, definitely Jay Naylor, tho he is a little porny for my tastes. But I absolutely adore how he does mice -
For technical and Pony, it's gotta be Baron Engel -

10. What is your favorite bondage position?:
Close legged strappedo. I love the legs being bound tightly together, and there's something wonderfully psychological about how exposed the individual is in a strappedo position.

11. Do you prefer furry or human?:
It's a tossup. It's really all about what I feel like drawing at the moment. It's why Tasha has both a human and a furry (MANY different furry) forms.

12. Do you have any fun fetish fantasies you want to share?:
I won't share any scenes or anything, but I have a certain soft spot for "damsel in distress" type scenarios. I also have a love for self bondage gone wrong (which I view as a type of peril) and male to female transformation stuff. Bonus points if you can include all three. ^_^

I'm not answering 13 because it was just a throw away question.


Tag #2 is from

This one is a bit simple. He wants 8 facts about my character. I'm only gonna do one, but it's likely the one he wants to know about, so *shrug*. So we got 8 facts about Tasha C. Polecat.

1: Tasha's middle name is "Collette", and a reference to a name a friend initially gave her before she was named Tasha. (he came up with that name because he kept trying to envision her as a French french maid...  I have no idea why *looks innocent*)

2: Tasha makes a living as an independent inventor. This means she's technically living off the dividends she makes from selling various patents to different companies.

3: She was kicked out of the US Navy for modifying military equipment. Yes it improved the capabilities, but it meant they didn't have the parts or know-how for anyone but her to repair and maintain it. To avoid a Dishonorable Discharge, she had to revert the modifications back to standard, and then provide the schematics of her changes to the DOD (Department of Defense). It is unknown what was done with her modifications after that.

4: She specializes in robotics, but also had a hand in developing a type of nano-machines. It is those very machines she uses to change forms in a painless manner (technically it's actually quite painful, but the nanites disconnect the pain receptors in the area being altered before going to work. She has had little success in marketing that function, to her surprise).

5: He personal car is a kit built DeLorean (meaning it's technically a knock-off brand) that she assembled herself (mostly, she had a robot or 3 do the heavy lifting). She also painted it cherry red on a whim.

6: Tasha is frequently the guinea pig in her own trials and tests. This has led to some rather...  unexpected results from time to time. Despite that, she refuses to stop. This has led some of her friends to conjecture that she gets off on the thrill of potentially being trapped by her own designs. Fortunately she makes sure her friends locally have a key, and instructions to check on her from time to time just to make sure she's okay/let her out.

7: As was once shown in my gallery, Tasha has no head hair. In human form, which is the form where the accident occurred, she has no hair at all! This is due to an early mistake with her nanites. She was working for the Chainsman Institute at the time, and developing the "Delta Latex" restraint and capture suits. The nanites weren't quite set right, and as part of their self sustaining cycle, ate all her body hair down to the roots. This has left her incapable of growing any body hair at all. In furry forms, this means no head "hair", and thus wears a wig in all her forms.

8: She is the only know female to be rejected from the French Maid Planet. That order was later redacted, but because of her intimate (extremely intimate in some cases) knowledge of robotics, she was always feared by the robots of the FMP. Nomoko, the transformed Nomad, has since realized the error of that idea and inducted the scientist into her splinter group as one of her scientists (if not the lead scientist. I'm hazy on how that sort of structure would work when they're all kept shackled). Regardless, Tasha is happy with the end result, especially since she's been "given" to a new handler, the KnightBear Bearomir.

9. BONUS FACT! Tasha C. Polecat splintered into the multiverse due to some early experiments with dimension travel. This means there are many alternate dimensional versions of this character, sometimes with wildly varying circumstances. Some are as far removed from the original to have grown up in a world of magic, and thus learned to be a mage. In all cases, regardless of where in the multiverse she can be found, she is highly technical and extremely kinky. Handle with care (as tightly as possible).

10. BONUS bonus fact! Tasha is not purely a submissive, but a submissive leaning switch. There are times she'd rather wield the crop rather than be victim to it.

There, done. If you want to say I tagged you with this post, go for it. Me? I don't propagate stuff like this. It's like a chain letter, the only way to stop it is to not send it on.

- Polecat


T.C. Polecat
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States


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