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What Cannot Be Unseen by TCPolecat7
What Cannot Be Unseen
MLP (c) Hasbro
Preview Image: pre-production sketch (I think) by Lauren Faust, found online.

Welcome to a tale of mystery and horror. Starring one, Twilight Sparkle, as she seeks to untangle the events that resulted in a mare she only briefly met in a different world from her own lying dead on the floor. Follow as she unravels the mystery, and in turn has her own sanity unravel in the process. Mwahahaha!!

Okay, enough mood stuff and book blurb crap. This was done as a writing challenge within the pre-readers (thus it was internal) for Equestria Daily. A handfull (hoof-full?) of us participated, and this is my entry into this contest. I have rated it, via DA's system, as moderately mature, because Lovecraftian horror can give some people difficulty.

I know there are a few mistakes in the story still, but that's from the limited time we had to write and edit these. Plus, if I keep trying to tweak it, I'm gonna mess something up. Anyway, here it is, in all its glory. I'm pretty happy with it. For those curious, the Prompt I was randomly given is included at the end of the story.

Oh, and those waiting for New Breed: Book 3, I haven't stopped working on it. it's just going a lot slower than I would want. I'm still working on it, promise. It just might take me longer than I would have predicted... I apologize to those waiting, it's coming, slowly... >.<

- Polecat

Edit: For those of you already watching, thank you. I updated this with a few minor corrections and edits for Halloween and for submission to Equestria Daily. If you downloaded it for your personal files, you might wish to re-download it. And yes, I remembered to fix the Ate/Are misspelling roughly halfway into it. ;)
Halloween 2014 by TCPolecat7
Halloween 2014
So it seems the plans from last year once again fell through, but for a different reason. Despite having her costume lined up, a better idea struck her. So she and her friends got together and decided to go a group costume thing. In the end, Tasha simply COULDN'T pass up the chance to cosplay as one of her childhood icons and role models (before she understood cartoons weren't "real" anyway). Fortunately it was easy to assemble...  or so she thought. She never wears orange, she had to buy a wig to match, and she needed heavier rimmed glasses than what she normally wears, but in the end...

In the end she's happy with the result, methinks.

- Polecat

Tasha (c) Me
Velma Dinkley (c) Hanna Barbera Studios

Lessons Learned: Oddly not much. With reference pics found online for the pose and the outfit, it was just a matter of making all the elements come together. It was slow going (I blame Smash Bros distracting me), but I managed to get it done in the end. The only real hang-ups were I started too low on the page, so I had to cut her feet off (and those shoes Velma wore just refused to work out for me), and if you look at her left hand/arm, they don't properly connect. I kinda...  fudged that. :blush:
(Music: "Without Me", Eminem)

[x2] Three little fillies go 'round the orchard, 'round the orchard, 'round the orchard...

Guess who's back, back again;
Polecat's back, for the win...
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back,
Guess who's back....

[verse 1]
I've created an OC, 'cause nopony wants to
see humans no more, 'cept Lyra sittin' by me,
Well if you want Pony, that's what I'll give ya,
a little bit of "squee" mixed with some hard cider;
A cute little mare that'll stop your heart quicker
than it takes the Apple clan when they start to bicker,
'bout a ship set sail starring your OTP,
set up for ya in advance by the CMC! (Hey!)

You’ve waited this long, so stop complaining,
I’m back to critique and begin rating.
Now I know that you got a job this winter,
but wrap-up is coming, so break out the bitter!
The filly in me won’t let me be or let me see the screen of my PC,
she’s spinnin’ all around to try and see if her cutie mark looks like a tree!
So turn on your set, Season four's on deck,
Buck that, Pinkie's a bet, fourth wall’s gettin' wrecked.
So get ready, because the elements are heavy,
they say friendship is mag-- Hey Look! There's DERPY!

[Chorus x2]
Now this looks like a job for me, so everypony just follow me,
'cause we need a little Harmony, and Polecat's back on EqD.

[verse 2]
A tisk-it a task-it, some balloons in a basket,
party in full swing; punch is Spike'd, just ask it!
Vinyl's dropped the bass and everpony is dancin',
Even Octavia's up on her hooves and prancin'.
Discord and Fluttershy sittin’ in a tree,
I'd recommend that you just leave them be.
And Twilight Sparkle might now be a Princess,
but she's hangin' with Luna drinkin' to excess.
Ol' Sun-Butt's up and shakin' her flank,
harder than a colt would his piggy bank.

And me? I’m back, pollutin’ the airwaves,
singin’ along with that girly main theme!
Tune it in, Youtube watching or livestream,
buying DVDs like I was a crack fiend.
It's interesting, the best thing since wrestling,
gettin' in our heads and makin' us all sing.
Humming one of their catchy little tunes,
until someone notices and thinks you're a loon.
Feel the tension, in ten seconds flat,
but who cares what they think, I got your back!

[Chorus x2]
Now this looks like a job for me, so everypony just follow me,
'cause we need a little Harmony, and Polecat's back on EqD.


Okay, I admit it, that was silly. Amazing what some random inspiration can cause, isn't it? I ran out of juice before I could do a third verse, so verse 2 and 3 are kinda smooshed together there... Anyway, this is my way of celebrating my triumphant(?) return to Equestria Daily and the Prereaders. I guess they must have been desperate for help, if they recruited me to dig through the backlog... ;)

- Polecat

PS: Because someone will forget if I don't mention it; I DON'T DO COMMISSIONS!


T.C. Polecat
United States

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