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Yeah, this is a post to all those who read, or even know, what New Breed is.

First off, an apology. I know i said a few times Book 3 is coming. It's... stalled. I've been unable to get past the first chapter in any meaningful way. I think I've figured out why, but it wouldn't be an easy fix. Quite literally I took a big ol' bite of epic storytelling, and found it a bit too big for me to handle. I'm not sorry I took the bite, after all "it's better to choke on greatness than nibble at mediocrity" (No idea who said that, I saw it on some motivational poster), but I am sorry i can't seem to finish chewing it down and get this story moving again. The core problem is simply put as this: too many characters. If I count all the involved characters in book 3, it comes to a whopping Forty-Three (43). This includes new villains and side characters, but a majority of that are characters that are recurring from the previous chapters. That's proving to be a little more than I can handle. I'm finding I am at my best keeping the cast small, which is something I have completely failed to do here. Surprisingly this means little in terms of plotlines, I managed to keep those rather streamlined and reduced to only a handful of large plots, since this is/was supposed to be the ultimate chapter of the story with the big battle against Goldtalon and Eclipse for the fate of all Equestria, and the world.

So, I'm coming here today to get some opinions. I don't want to leave this story hanging. The girls are all banging away at the inside of my brain, looking to come out and finish what they started, but I'm finding myself too overwhelmed to make it happen. That said, I have come up with some alternatives as well, and figured I'd put it up for opinion. For those who don't really read my stories, this actually might affect you as well.

My first potential idea is simply to slog on through. Yeah, I know it's not ideal, and given my loss of momentum, it might not even happen in any timely manner. But there are some who might rather see what happens next, no matter how long "next" takes.

Another idea I had was a streamlined reboot. Learn from my mistakes and restart New Breed from scratch. This would have the advantage of letting me bring the story up to current show canon, as well as allow me to extract and eliminate a lot of additions and characters that just simply weren't necessary to the story. I ran this by my primary editor, and while he liked some of the ideas, he was loathe to lose some of the elements that had been worked in. It would necessitate some portions of the previous story be completely reworked, and some even completely eliminated, so there would be a lot of give and take here.

A third option is the one I'm sure a lot of people who enjoy my art would prefer, that I just drop it altogether and get back to drawing. While I don't really want to just drop the characters like that, it's kinda like abandoning a child, I can understand their desire that I stop using my creative energies for writing and get back to the reason they started watching me in the first place, my drawings.

I have a few other ideas, but nothing solid enough that I really feel able to share. I would accept your ideas as to where you think I should go, but as a note, I'm not doing this as a poll. I'm doing this to simply get some opinions, and find where other people are on what I'm doing. I mean, if my delays have lost me all my NB readers, I'm not sure it would be completely worth forcing myself to continue down that track, if you understand what I mean. Sure, I'm doing the writing primarily for myself, but I've found I thrive on feedback and responses and without them I tend to get a little down on my own work.

Anyway, I'm looking for opinions. let me know below, if you would kindly. Wait, does that only work for Atlas? Eh, whatever, just please leave a response. I need some feedback on this and force myself to get unstuck from this. And please, PLEASE, don't just tell me to do whatever I feel is right. That genuinely doesn't help me right now. Thank you.

- Polecat


T.C. Polecat
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

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